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PRC Business Trip

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Make no mistake about it folks, this trip will be business first and play later. This is a golden opportunity for us to let Polaris see that we are serious about our club and are a legitimate force in the side-by-side world. We are all adults, so I'm not going to give a behavior lecture; however, I hope we all strive to represent our club with pride and dignity.

I'm hoping that we can have serious discussions with Polaris about the RZR and other topics without it coming off as a bitch session. That won't get us anywhere and will only hurt the image of our group. We need to show all of their employees the same respect and courtesy that one would show a new business partner in the business world.

All of you were hand picked because you are the best PRC has to offer. Let's go to Minnesota and plant the seeds that take us to the next level with Polaris.
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