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This is the message we are going to post for the membership. What do you think?

Hello folks, we just wanted to give you a little insight into something very special that the Staff and Administration of PRC has coming up. As you know, Polaris has invited us to come up to their R&D facility in Minnesota to visit with the folks there and to do a quick drive and test of the new RZR. We just wanted to let you know that the trip will be coming up at the end of this week and we will try and have something to post by the weekend.

Their gracious offer to provide air fare, food, and lodging is a great oppurtunity for the PRC staff to meet up and to exchange ideas with Polaris engineers in a formal discussion. ALL PRC members should be proud to have helped this club evolve to the high level of respect required to recieve this great offer. We have a variety of things on the agenda and we will try our best to get as much out of this as possible. For us, this is a business trip with a little fun thrown in. We are looking forward to seeing the R&D facility as well and consider that a treat.

We all are excited over the opportunity that this trip presents to not only PRC but to Polaris as well. Our club has helped to foster and grow this section of the industry tremendously and just the fact that we are going on this trip is recognition of that by Polaris. We stand ready to help with the further growth of this sport.

As always, we will work to make this new machine the best there is. The best engineering/production lines in the world will have small issues and PRC will be here as always to help sort them out. A lot of suggestions, comments and wishes expressed here on PRC over the last couple of years can be seen in this new RZR.

We, the Administration and Staff of PRC, would like to thank Polaris ahead of time for this opportunity. We believe that both parties involved will get a lot from this. The future for both PRC and Polaris looks bright indeed!

PS... Let us know if you have any questions you would like us to ask them about the RZR.
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