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I have decided to offer the service of replacing the primary bearing in the Polaris primary's that the new HD Bearing fits.

Doing this for two reasons, one you won't have to buy the tools to take the primary apart and 300lb torque wrench to put it back together and then we probably sell more bearings this way.

I think the installation part is what hangs people up on putting a new bearing in.

You get $10 off the bearings this way, since we are not shipping them to you and then $50 labor to swap them out, so in theory it is like paying $40 to swap them out.

Call me for more info!!!


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Todd that is a good price for changing that bearing out. I have changed several of these out and the last time I bought a OEM Bearing it was $70. Will the same bearing set up work on the 2008 and up 700's? If the shaft bearing surface is good your service is a good deal for those that are unable to change it themselves.
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