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Primary rubbing belt cover?

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I took my belt housing, in and outer, off to seal behind the clutches and when I reassembled the primary seems to be rubbing the outer cover at the top of the bulge that houses it. If I apply baby soft pressure upward with my hand to the bottom of the outer by the drain plug it stops. I took it all back apart, including removing the primary, like 3 times and it still does.

Any and all input appreciated fellas, thank you!
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One I would make sure I had a gasket between the two halves, if so, take a heat gun and heat of the area it is rubbing and push it out a bit. These covers are not made the same due to them being plastic and cooling down to different shapes.

Lastly make sure something is not wrong with the clutch that is causing it to hit.

The problem I see is that he said it started after he took a very thing apart. So I'm guessing it didn't do this before? You have got to have something assembled wrong and not aligned
The washer between the 2 halves of the secondary shifted so I walked them apart, reset the washer, and then put them back together. I made sure the factory paint marks matched back up. Other than that, the primary popped off, I set it to the side, and then I put it back on when I was done.

The only think I can think of is that I "warped" the inner cover taking it in and out (I didn't just flat out abuse it but I had to use a little force when I pushed it back in) or one of my snorkels is pushing the shroud down from the top. But I've tried to adjust for both with little success. It will run without it briefly but it comes back.
I wedged a piece of cardboard under the drain plug and rode it all dang day so it must not be too big an issue.
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Lol the cardboard popped out and I never noticed the ticking noise but when I started it to load the Ranger back on my trailer last night it came right back. It goes away when in gear and you give it throttle (since the primary compresses) but at idle it ticks away. I'm at a loss really. I don't think the plastic is strong enough to damage the primary in any way but I definitely don't want to just neglect it and have it eventually wear a hole in the belt box.

I've done some searching and apparently the 15 RZR1k is having similar issues but it's due to a coolant hose or something pushing on the box. I'm thinking about just wedging a chunk of wood or something under it to push it up and letting it sit for a few days to try to "conform" the plastic back into the proper shape, but that seems like it's either pure genius or the dumbest crap I've ever put on display in a public forum. Ha. Any and all input it always appreciated. Thanks folks!
The cover can deform easily with heat...

Mine will do the same thing if i park it outside when was below zero this weekend and the primary was hitting the cover when i started it...same as you, if i pushed the cover up just a little the clearance was good....

If i park it in the garage the primary wont hit the cover...presumably because the cover has expanded a little...

It all started when my housing got very hot last fall, so hot you couldn't hold your hand on it for more than a few seconds... After that I just shaved off a little on the inside of the cover and that fixed it....until winter then it started to hit again :)...

I'm guessing that when you put everything back together it is just a fuzz off from where it was...i wouldn't sweat it too much since you were able to get it to stop with cardboard :)....
When you wedge that wood under it, heat up the box with heat gun and then let it cool. It might be just enough to reform the box
Thanks for the responses! I'm ready, willing, and able to try anything I can...

On a side note I had a BLAST yesterday. It was the first time I've really gotten to go play in this thing since I bought it. All my riding so far has been light work, cruising the neighborhood, or chasing my idiot dog down to bring his mischievous rear end home. There's an abandoned golf course by my bosses house as well as his 20 acres. Hill climbs, ponds, and some good trails everywhere you look. He has a 14 900 crew limited with a 4" lift and forward arms and some 30" big horns or something with a real similar tread pattern and I didn't have a bit of trouble keeping up or getting over anything he did. Obviously mine does sit a little lower and there are obstacles he could make it over that I couldn't somewhere out there in the world but for what we did yesterday my 570 was a beast. I'm definitely super happy I save all that $$ and bought a mid size.
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