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Pulling dash to install switch

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I am going to finish the project i started last weekend which got interrupted by a few obstacles including the need to buy a better switch and mount it properly vs the cheap toggle that i had. So, to clarify, i need to pop the top dash cover which is attached with push pins, then i can pull off the face plate for the switches so i can cut a new hole for the new switch?

I am assuming i will need to disconnect the existing switches to remove so i can cut with a straight edge razor knife. What about the two bolts on the dash that are used to secure the bottom of my windshield, do they need to be removed to get the top dash off?

Very happy to have been told about the power block under the hood. That will make powering up the light a breeze and since it is a small light, it will work great
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If all you are doing is adding switches (2015 XP900 Style Dash) then the dash switch panel will come out without taking off the top dash. If you remove the two torx head screws on the bottom of the panel then pull out on the bottom it will pop out if you use a little force. There is enough slack in the wires to remove the panel then disconnect the wires. When you put it back in just put the tabs on the top of the panel back under the edge of the top dash and push up on the bottom compartment of the dash panel to sort of spring it upward to get it to go into the opening.
If you do decide that you want to take your top dash out then the only thing that holds it in are the 4 push pins across the top. Pull the 4 push pins and then pick up on the front side where the push pins are and kind of pick up on one end and pull backwards. The back side of the top dash panel has some tabs that sort of hook into the dash all the way across. Here is a pic of my top dash panel removed.

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X2 what this guy said. Just for adding switches all you need to remove is the two screws holding the center switch panel on. There is plenty of room to get in there to run wiring etc. Should take you all of 30 seconds to remove... a minute or more if you have to find your torx driver. lol
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