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Question about reverse light wiring

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I have read every thread on this subject I can find on the topic and have followed the information provided. I still can not get my back up lights to come on while in reverse.
I have the 16mm bolt lights from mounted under the tail lights. I tried hooking them straight to the back up alarm wires and they did not work. I have tried wiring them to the back up alarm wires with a relay as a few of you have recommended and the still will not come on. I can plug them into the hot wire from alarm and a ground wire from the battery and they turn on, but they do not work if I use the negative (purple) wire from the alarm harness. I really want them only on as reverse lights. I do not want to wire them to a switch on the dash. I have a light mounted to the top for a rear work light.

Does anybody know if there is a fuse or breaker on the negative side of the back up alarm harness that I might have tripped or blown?
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Forgot to mention it is a 2015 Ranger Diesel single cab.
Do you have a multi meter? If so, hook the red lead to the red/purple & the black/white. With the key on & engine OFF, put in reverse to see if you get 12-13 volts.
No I am not getting 12 volts hooked up to the back up alarm black wire. But if I hook it up to the battery ground I do get 12 volts. So the red wire is good. The problem is with the ground (black) wire as I suspected. So what does that mean? Is the problem the reverse switch in the transmission? ECU?

Lights look pretty good. I sure hope I can get them hooked up without having to run to a dashboard switch.

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Sounds like you are doing everything right to me but you are the first that I recall that has tried that on the diesel - not sure if they are the same as the gassers or not. You may want to PM 'DaveB.inVA'. He's a diesel owner and an Electrical Engineer!
Sent him a PM. Thanks for the info.
Haven't found a solution to this problem yet. Called the dealership and they do not have an answer either (other than bring it in and we will take a look at it). Only thing I can think is either the black wire is not connected to the transmission as it should be or the reverse switch in the transmission is not working. Anybody have any ideas?
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