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R light on panel out

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Got an 02 series 11. Just had the reverse light on the dash panel go out. Anyone replace this light yet? Do I need to buy the whole dash panel light indicator?
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If this light cluster is the same as on the '05, lift the hood and the light comes out from the back. I know a lot of stuff is different between the two models but the light cluster may be the same.
Polaris part # 4010416. Or if you can get NAPA or auto parts to cross, the Hobbs # is 75562.
Polarisdude, is this part # for the light bulb only?
I looked at the parts list for series 11 and found the whole light panel,panel indicator part # 4010797.
Yes, that is the bulb only $5.45 retail. Make sure it is the bulb, and not the wiring or switch first.
Cool, thanks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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