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We started a contingency program last year and it went pretty good. This year we've taken inventory of what we learned and revised the program. The result is a simpler program we've made available to to more racers with less requirements. If you race in any pro class of any notable series this may be worth looking in to.

Racer Tech has always been a company focused on the end users and the privateer racers. We do our own thing and prefer to partner with the end users. Over the last few years our relentless efforts to raise the bar in UTV chassis and suspension technology has come to the attention of bigger players in the racing segment and the opportunities are too fun to turn down. As we continue to grow we have to change our methods of business but we always want to stay true to our roots.

This contingency program is more accessible than anything currently available in the UTV market and it's our way of staying connected with the privateers who've helped us get where we're at now. Hopefully this will help some aspiring racers work their way to the top!

2015 Racer Tech Contingency Program

2015 program covers all series meeting these requirements:

- A minimum of 10 UTV's must be entered per class to quality for payout.
- Racing series must have website and race results posted online per race.
- Racing series must have a "Pro" class.
- Race must be sanctioned and insured.
- Race must be primary role of event. (ie: no fair races)

*Limited spaces available and approval is required.

Changes for 2015:

- 1st place payout for "Pro" class only.
- Any racing series is eligible if all requirements are met.
- Previously purchased products count towards full package requirements. (Proof of purchase matching UTV owners name required) *Limited spaces available.
- New flat rate program. Racer selects products per package to minimum dollar amount. (Parts must be for one car to qualify. Purchase credit valid for one season.)

Contingency Packages:

Racer Package - $3,000 MSRP minimum product purchase

(2) Hats / (2) T-Shirts / (3) 24" Decals are included in package
Race pay-out:
10% off Racer Package upfront
$500 for 1st place finish
$500 bonus pay out for overall series champion

Pro Package - $6,500 MSRP minimum product purchase

(2) Hats / (2) T-Shirts / (3) 24” Decals are included in package
Race pay-out are as follows:
15% off Racer Package upfront
$1000 for 1st place finish
$1000 bonus pay out for overall series winner

For qualifications and applications and more info click HERE.
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