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Happy 4th to all. Thanks for a great first half of the year!

In honor of this holiday we're taking 10% off everything on our entire site. This includes our SPRINGS, lifts, bumpers, cages, ELKA SHOCKS and anything else you can find on there.

This sale goes Friday 7/4 thru Monday 7/7 at midnight on all standard products available on our website. If you need help with an order you can call on Monday.

SPRINGS: ALL spring kits are currently IN STOCK! So get them while you can! Lot of people have had to wait over the last couple months but we've FINALLY got through the supplier change and now have a years supply of springs between us and the new supplier. Thanks to all for your patience.

LIFT KITS: ALL lift kits are also currently IN STOCK!

Most all of our other products are also in stock at the moment as well. So go nuts and get your UTV set for the summer!

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