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Here's one of our newest shop cars. This is a 2015 RZR 900 S we're building as a duplicate to William and John Yokley's current factory Polaris race cars. They are all running our "Yokley Edition" Arm Kit we're all working on together this season and it's a game changer for the S. John Yokley ran the fastest lap at the last GNCC round with this kit and was well in to a win when a hub broke on him so that's our next project...

This car here also features our new RC1 race cage we're offering over the phone and soon through our website along with fixed doors, our new RZR 900S Nerf Bars and a custom rear bumper we did off our production fixtures along with an off-the-shelf MX style front bumper.

This car also sports the new Corbeau seats we're experimenting with currently. We really like them because they are light and low. They're also much less money than the Sparco's they compare to.. Additionally, we're also running our new steering quickener kit along with a detachable Joe's steering wheel as well.

There's lots of trick parts on this car we're still experimenting with for next season but so far this car is already a million times better than the OEM version as far as handling and speed goes. This car still needs some more work to be race ready but we'll be continuing with it soon and updating this thread as we make progress.


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