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Check out these bad boys we've been developing and testing for a while now! Our XP1 version is coming up next!

These Trailing Arms spent over three years in development and testing before we were ready to release them to the public. There’s countless hours in the design and testing of this product. These arms have been proven in every type of racing and conditions around the world on our pro race cars and there have been zero failures. We spent extra time when turning these in to production items to deliver you a truly uncompromised racing product at an extremely competitive price. To do this we start with 4130 N Chromoly tubing and bar stock and CNC machine every component from the machined parts to the laser cut tubes and CNC bent tubing. The fixtures we build these on are almost more of a work of art than the final product. There is no room for error in this product and we’ve got the attention to detail to make sure you’re getting the best.

This kit maintains OEM length and width. It also utilizes OEM shock and sway bar geometry so these arms can be installed on any RZR XP 900 with any other shock, sway bar or radius rod setup. The design is simple and light. The “truss” style design allows for the best strength to weight ratio this industry has ever seen and it also allowed us to increase ground clearance under the shock mounts by 2.5” over the OEM trailing arms!

While all of this is really neat, the most exciting part of this design is the adjustable toe design. This is a bigger deal than most might think. With our proprietary design, we are able to provide static toe adjustment for the rear wheels. Everyone knows this is important for the front end and the steering. There are many theories of what works better up front, toe-in vs. toe-out, how much, etc. No one has ever been able to adjust this on the rear of a RZR before though. We’ve been playing around with rear toe changes for years already with our race cars and have built our best results in to our older A-arm kits. Most of our customers never even knew it and we never bothered to explain, but we’ve found massive effectiveness in minimal rear toe changes for handling and traction. Now you can have the same advantage on your RZR XP 900.

The adjustable toe also allows us to produce one design from one fixture system but have infinite options for track width by simply changing radius rods and axle lengths. This can be another major advantage to performance and will also allow you to run these trailing arms with any other LT or XC kit without having to run the cheesy angle plates other companies expect you to use!

These are now available for pre-order at a 10% discount!

For more info and pricing click HERE.

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