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Racer Tech's New 2" Lift Kit For RZR XP 900

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Well it sure took a while but we finally settle on a design and started producing this beautiful lift kit for the RZR XP 900. For anyone looking for a suspension geometry improvement for better ride and handling or more height, this is for you. It's not the same cheesy plates and u-bolts you'll see from a lot of vendors. This kit is ready to go race the Baja 1000 if you really wanted to!

This kit will get 2-3" of height very easily or less if you back off preload. The RZR in the pics has 26" tires and 15" of ground clearance in front and 14" in back w/ OEM springs and OEM preload.

For more info and ordering click HERE.

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Hey Andy,
I realy like the looks of you new lift. I've been in contact with you on a different site about this set-up and am looking foward to ordering it along with your dual-rate springs for my Walker Evans RZR.
Great, another RT product I need.......
I looked at the website, doesn't look like they make a 2" lift for the 900 xp...?
Curt, Jerry, Kamen, Will, Paul - I'm intrigued by this. I'm really not interested in raising (changing the center of gravity) my RZR 900 to any real extent - would like go get back the .75/ 1.0 inch I lost by installing the thicker, heavier UHMW TA skids - but I really wouldn't mind tweaking the suspension for a little better ride - especially when riding in East and South TN. I haven't changed my preload nor adjusted my shocks. Up to now, I haven't even considered any kind of lift - haven't trusted the engineering of any of the others on the market, but from what I understand, Andy and the guys at RT take the time to do the math and get it right! Whatcha think, you guys looking at these?
I'll probably have one on my machine before spring. The 4 seaters get high centered easier. If RT built it Andy spent a lot of time developing it to work properly.
I looked at the website, doesn't look like they make a 2" lift for the 900 xp...?
probably not for the Ranger.
I'm looking at it for the additional ground clearance. With the add-ons I've made, I've lost some with the squat. I've added all the pre-load I can so this and the dual-springs should do the trick. Plus you never know when I may go up on tire size in the future ;).
This kit was probably the trickiest one we've done yet. It took a lot of work to get it just right for geometry, production and fitment but I think we'll still be able to sell quite a few of these kits due to the lack of effort on our competitors parts. The geometry we got out of this kit make the XP 900 handle substantially better when the preload gets backed off and this kit is just used as a geometry improvement. Even with about 1" of lift from stock the cars seem to handle better than stock so this is a big plus for the guys looking for just a tiny bit more clearance but no desire to lose performance!

Also.. We are getting started on a Ranger XP 900 lift kit here in the next couple weeks... We've got a machine here for development and just haven't had the time to mess w/ it much. Once we get all our factory racers up and running for the season we're planning to loop back and get this done too. We're at least going to do a lift and spring kit...

Thanks guys!
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