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I've got the following items to add:
Roof - ORDERED / Winch / More Lights / Spare Tire, etc.

Can some of you owners you take some pics of your radio and post them so I can get some ideas of the radio types and where you installed them?

Thank You [:D]
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In the Glove Box, Polaris has the kit and water proof cd player for it, chk pure polaris site, hope this helps ;-)
Some have ordered overhead consuls from Golf Cart after market manufactures and did some modifications to make them work. They came out looking great, and I'm sure someone will have a link to the pictures and web site.
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In the Glove Box, Polaris has the kit and water proof cd player for it, chk pure polaris site, hope this helps ;-)
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The Glove Box was my first guess, thanks I will check into it right now.
Welcome to the PRC Curtis cabs makes a top with a place for the radio and speakers.
A friend of mine has this setup on his Brute Force, it is an amped set of marine speakers with a plug that will go straight to an mp3 player, Ipod, or satalite radio. works good.
Here's the one that I made. It works great and I can have it out in less than 10 minutes if need be.

Welcome Susan saw your pic on the other site. Here is my install:
Susan, here are some pictures that I took a few minutes ago of a unit that I'm installing in a friends new Ranger. It's just an inexpensive radio from Walmart and 6 inch speakers. I like the model because it uses a tape or has the small stereo plug in the front that allows for the XM Radio to be plugged in or use the tape adapter, not many have that feature anymore. The price is reasonable so if it gets trashed you won't be out much. I think speakers and radio was around $50 plus get an antenna for around $10. Picked up a sheet of finished 1/2" plywood at Home Depot. They have partial sheets that are like 3'X4' and it's enough if you cut the pieces right. Made it fit on top of the roll bars front and rear, cut the front and rear edges on an angle and shape with a belt sander to get the lowest fit. Used a clamp on the rear and a small bracket to fasten it at the front of the cage just to keep it in place. On the one for my Ranger I used smaller speakers and mounted them in the sides but the six inch had to be added on the 45 degree sides. The six inch have much better sound over the smaller ones. The upper section is for trail maps, cb radio, or what ever. I store the antenna there so it won't get tore off out side and it picks up very well. Of course this will get a soft cab installed to keep it in the dry, along with brush guards and other items. By the way welcome to the PRC.
This is the left side

This a top view at the rear

This the right side

This a rear view

Hope this gives you some ideas, good luck...
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Happy rangering....
I installed an Ipod system in our Ranger. Mounted a 10" sub in the underseat storage, two 6" in the kick panel speaker pods and wired the Ipod thru a 900W amp. It sounds great and I dont have to worry about getting dust in a radio or having a disk skipping.

Here's a pic of the amp installed

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Wow - you guys are so handy! Thanks for all the ideas! [:D]
Hey Susan,

Here are a few more pics. I chose to use a 6" bazooka tube for the bass and mounted my speakers in the kickplates. Sounds really good and the whole project cost under $500. I used a CD player that has an aux input for an mp3 player.

You can use a powered bazooka if you run an aftermarket battery, but the stock battery doesn;t have the poop to power it up. I used a cheap 200w amp for the sub and the speakers run off the deck. Plenty loud.

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That looks good, unfortunately the only place left for me to put a radio is in the glove box or as part of the roof.
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I forgot the 07's had the speedodometer.[:(]
Susan here is what I did for the glovebox install. Living in the desert keeping the sand out of it is job one!

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You can go to dj fabrications and they make a custom stereo enclosure that goes in the glove box. Very clean looking. Just my 2 cents[:D]
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