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Ram Mounts and GPS - Phone

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Here are some pictures of the Ram Mounts I have been using.
They have a mount for just about everything including your firearms.
Handle bar mount for your ATV or motorcycle.
I can put my phone in the Aqua Box. Samsung 8.4" tablet. Best Buy had the best price!
US Topo Android application. Drilled out one of the holes in the base for 1/4 X 20 and
mounted my camera. The X cradle works better than I thought.
Garmin GPS & Accessories, RAM Mounts, Lowrance GPS, TomTom GPS at GPS City
RAM Mount
Lots of web sites for ideas.


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GPS city the only place to buy or research. Great site/good co.
Where are you mounting this in your Polaris? Are you screwing it into the dash?
I used AXIA clamps to attach my RAM GPS mount to the rollbar upright. I had used the "round" flush mount (your 3rd pic) initially. I'm on the road, but I''l post a pic when I get home.
Suction mount. O you can screw a mount somewhere on the dash
I made a bracket with the 1" ball to attach to my cage on my 900xp with two hose clamps.
Hose clamps work well.

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revrnd, those are clean looking!
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