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Ranger 570 problem

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I have a ranger 570 and it ran good yesterday but today when we tried to start it it will turn over fine and try to start and when I let go the key it stops trying to fire. The oil level is fine and the fuel pump goes on a few seconds when you turn the key like it supposed to.
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Put some more fuel in the tank first and try to start it again, yes the key stops working when you let it go.

Try a new spark plug. I have read others having starting issues fixed it with a plug.

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I put more fuel in it and same problem. Then I tried starting it gby holding the throttle open and it started and ran fine. It used to start just by turning the key without touching the throttle.
Mine doesn't like to start when it's cold. Runs rough too. It has a new plug
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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