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Ranger 800 Custom Automotive Exhaust

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Hey everyone, I just finished a complete custom exhaust on my 2014 ranger 800 full size, and was wondering if anyone was looking into one for theirs? I'd be glad to go in depth helping people get the sound they wanted out of their rangers with pipe sizes, mufflers tried, and how I made things work. I can post pictures of it as well. I was never really satisfied with the sound my ranger put out from the factory, so after 1700 miles I decided to change it around, without spending a bunch of money and making things worse. My system cost right around $100, and will put the wonderful sound of a 900XP to shame. I'd love to help out as much as I can if you've been planning a new exhaust for your ranger. There's barely any threads on here on this subject, and I know I could've used something like this when I was doing mine. I'd love to hear ideas, and help you out with whatever you have planned.


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I have a 900 but I would love to see your fabrication on your exhaust.
we like pictures!!!!!!!
I'd like to see a video of the exhaust so we can heard the exhaust.
I'll post more pictures and videos as soon as I can, the tone is low at idle, sounds kind of like a Harley.... operating rev range sounds fairly normal to stock, which is what I was going for. Wide open throttle however, has a very open-headers type sound, without being overly loud. One of the biggest things I noticed about other people's custom exhaust assemblies is that they would put a large muffler hooked up to the stock muffler mount pipe to the factory pipe, hoping for a deep sound, and don't know why they may not get it. Unfortunately our rangers use a very small pipe size, right around 1 3/4 inches, so I upped it to 2.5 inches right at the headers. The sound is great, but not too loud.
What did you have do for tuning after exhaust mod ?
If by tuning you mean ECU tuning, I didn't do any, all computers run normal.
Much better. Back view, showing thin oval shaped muffler oriented sideways, and 2 1/2" turndown coming directly out of it. Under bed view showing how things fit together a little better. I was able to utilize factory muffler mounts.


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I see flex pipe.
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Yup, used a small length of flex pipe to make the tightest bend. More than possible to make it using solid pipe, I simply don't have too much luck measuring and bending pipe so I kept it easy for myself.
Sometimes you gota do what you gota do.:encouragement:
Looks good
That really looks great. What kind of muffler did you use and how did you tie in the 2 1/2 pipe to the stock pipe?
That really looks great. What kind of muffler did you use and how did you tie in the 2 1/2 pipe to the stock pipe?
A few adapters put together.... I welded a 1 3/4" to 2" adapter right to the U-pipe after the manifold, and then a 2" to 2 1/2" adapter to tie in to that flex pipe you can see under the bed. As for the muffler, it's a walker muffler I picked up at Advance Auto. It's just a replacement car/truck muffler meant for a specific vehicle, I don't know what for though. I can get the model number if anyone is actually interested though. It has 2.5" inlet and outlets.
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