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Ranger 800 Trans Oil Change Question

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I tried to find another thread / videos, but nothing that makes me sure I have this right.

I am doing my first fluid changes. Everything done exept the trans. I was expecting some reasonable access to the drain/plug, but if I have it right (marked in the image below) they are going to be a job to get to.

Can someone validate in the pic below I have it right?

Fuel line Auto part
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That's them!

I believe it's a metric allen size 8 or 9mm.

They can sometimes be stuck. before you crank on them take a hammer and a punch and give each plug a decent hit with a hammer. Then try taking them out. Transmission capacity should be 1 quart (32oz). I try and get 1.5 quarts in mine by putting the floor jack up under the right hand side of the machine's frame rail, jacking it as high as I can before I start filling the trans up. or you could try putting it in through the vent tube. These transmissions need all the extra help they can get, and extra oil will help.
Thank you! Heck of a dang placement! Of all the engineering in these, fluid changes was not high on the list.

Thanks again for the guidance!

no problem holler if you need more help.!

The fill plug was moved to the rear of the transmission I believe in the 2012 model year and was higher up for more fluid capacity.

You you're right on the engineering flop, polaris engineers don't get any Christmas cards from me. lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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