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Ranger dont want to start

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I have a 2010 ranger 700 and after it runs and gets warmed up good if you shut it off you have to release fuel pressure to get it to start ,any help would be great
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Release furl pressure by opening the tank or the Schroeder valve on the fuel rail? One would be a plugged tank vent line as mentioned, the other could be the fuel line or tank is getting heated up by a lean engine and hot exhaust.
Does not have pressure in tank only in fuel line and I bleed off pressure at fuel rail and it starts right up
Your getting vapor lock from things getting too hot. A fuel controller to riches it up will help. Some guys insulate the fuel rail and gas tank.
I insulated my fuel line. Also, I never shut it down while the fan is running - temp climbs like crazy right after you shut down - no coolant circulation. No more vapor lock.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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