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Ranger drive belt cross reference?

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Does anyone have, or have a link to a site that will give cross references to polaris drive belts? I've got a couple on my shelf, one I know what it is, and the other I'm not sure. I'll get some numbers tomorrow.

It seems hard to find specs on the polaris belts (length width) for whatever reason, and it makes it tough to cross reference! Anyone have some leads ?
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On my EBS machines currently I'm running a 3211136.

Yesterday I went in and asked for a drive belt for a 2012 HD w EBS, and they gave me a 3211162 belt ( I forgot the old number so they had to look it up)

My question is, is the 11162 belt a replacement for the 11136? or did they give me a replacement for the 11133 (non ebs belt)?

I'm confused.

I'd give up and just buy a dayco, but their site/belt lookup is just as outdated and I wouldn't know if what I'm buying fits because polaris doesn't put size information on their stuff.
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I believe you are correct Jerry. EAN I think is EBS

So actually the 162 and 133 belts that I have will be too loose to fit or work well with EBS?

Didn't EBS come on more than just the 2012 model?
Just did some research the 132 belt is a Polaris made Kevlar belt for ebs only machines. Carlisle makes a ua456 to replace it, but list no specs.
I contaced carlisle. They told me that the AU456 (replacement for the 132 polaris belt) is 1.25 inches wide, and 40.75 inches outside circumference . I don't see anything that dayco or that polaris makes that is that size.

I was almost certain that polaris offered EBS in earlier and later rangers. you'd think they all would use the same belt for those models and it would be easy to find!
Thanks for doing some looking Todd.

I called another dealer yesterday that has a very knowledgeable parts guy I've used in the past

He went through this with me and said that the only model that used the 136 belt was the 2012 HD. However, he said that the browning models that came factory with EBS like the HD also come with 3211136 belt.

He said the 162 belt replaces the 133 belt, which was designed for every machine EXCEPT those that run EBS. To have good braking operation especially with the one way primary bearing, he said you need the smaller 136 belt.

However he said they don't sell that many because few people have EBS machines, and even fewer even know that they have them, so they end up with the wrong belt much of the time.

It seems that Carlisle makes a replacement belt for the 3211136, but Dayco does not. Haven't checked Gates site yet. I don't think I could put anything that says Carlisle on my machine without

Thanks all for your time helping look up all this!

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Jerry- I have a 30ft gooseneck tandem dualed trailer that I bought last fall. it's got 8 carlisle tires on it from factory with 2 year factory warranty. They have replaced under warranty in 6 months 5 out of 8 tires. I have only put maybe 2000 miles on the trailer so far! The lady there was very good about replacing them, and told me the new tires they sent also had 2 years of warranty!... so, they'll be replacing tires until I'm tired of changing them as far as I can see! China must have cut them one heck of a deal!
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