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More than likely your clutch is the problem. CVT clutches require some maintenance and they do wear. The primary clutch has weights which pivot on pins. There are also bushings and buttons which can wear. Sometimes the towers that hold the weights adn buttons wear and you have to replace the entire primary. When this happens the clutch does not work smoothly and the belt can "jump" from one position on the sheaves to the next. In addition dust can build up and cause the movable sheave half to stick and not move smoothly. The shave halves them selves can become worn and grooved preventing smooth movement of the belt from one position to another.

The belt itself can become worn, glazed or hour glassed causing uneven movement and slipping.

The secondary clutch has internal parts that can break or wear including a spring, cam and rollers. When this happens shifting can become erratic. Springs, cams and rollers can be replaced but often the secondary has broken parts or wear on parts that make it necessary to replace the entire assembly.

The bottom line is that you need to remove both the primary and secondary clutch, clean inspect, possibly disassemble repair and reassemble both. There are some special tools required but a handy person can make workable makeshift tools at home.

There are several videos here:

All are good but the ones by Old Glory show shop made tools and Hunterworks has excellent advice and may have parts.

If you're lucky and your vehicle has low miles blowing out dust or replacing the belt may be all that's necessary. High use clutches will require a more thorough overhaul or replacement.

If it turns out you do need to replace your clutch take a look at the Duraclutch to see if it fits your needs.
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