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ranger gear selector

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I have a 08' ranger 700xp. I'm having problems with the speedometer saying your in reverse when your actually in forward or neutral. The guy I purchased it from said it started doing it after he pressure washed the machine. Ive replaced the Speedo head with a new one and I replaced the range selector on trans with a used one we assume was good. Its also affecting the 4x4 sometimes engaging like a posi rear end even when in single wheel drive. Has anyone else had anything similar?
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i almost had the chance to dig into one of the same exact machines with the exact same problem, about 3 days before i could get my hands on it, the dood totaled it. I cant help ya at all, but i can tell ya that the wreck WAS NOT problem related.

If i personally had to go after it, id be checking the Gear Selector Switch and wiring first.
Ditto on Wagz comment. Probably the sensor or wiring leading to it, or possible where those wires feed into the ECM.
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