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<font color="red">Originally Posted by Nethawk</font id="red">
First off I would like to thank Gary since this was his idea. He thought this would be a good area to answer any questions about my lifts.

As many of you know I have been making and selling lift kits to members. I have kits for the '05-'06 IRS models. And front and rear kits for '99-'04 Rangers. Also available front lifts for '99 and up 6X6's. It is a practical way to gain more ground clearance and room for bigger tires.

The front lifts can be custom made for your application as far as amount of lift, although to give your Ranger a "level" look you should go with the standard 2" lift.

<font color="blue">Prices for Ranger Pro Lift Kits Regardless of year.</font id="blue">
$169.00 for front and rear, plus shipping.
$75.00 for front lift only. 105.00 for rear lift brackets separately, plus shipping. Currently shipping costs are $8.00 through US Mail
I am now setup to take Paypal.

This is a pic of what you will be getting to do front and rear lift. This is for the '05-'06 models with IRS. Installation instructions also included.

I can be contacted through PRC forum email. Or my Email is [email protected] .
So if anyone has any questions, ask here or email me, Thanks, Bill.


Edmore, Michigan
Silver '07
Polaris deluxe windsheild and doors. Custom top and cab back
Ranger Pro Lift 2" lift
27" Bighorns
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