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I have a 2013 XP900 with the Polaris rear bumper assy. that has a storage unit in the middle of it. The issue I have is the bumper sticks out about 8 inches from the tail gate and is very heavy. I am looking from something that only sticks back about 4 inches and is lighter than the Polaris unit. I am looking at the Extreme Metal Products bumper right now but need some measurements from one. If you have any other suggestions feel free to speak up.

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The Bad Dawg bumper looks nice but looks like it hangs a little lower than some others.
I would have to disagree, all of the bumpers have to leave enough room below the tailgate ( in the closed position) so that the outer protruding designed areas ( raised areas of the outer tailgate cover that are molded in) do not contact the bumper in the down position, while still being able to offer some protection.
The Bad Dawg bumper has enough room for the tailgate to clear with even some weight on the tailgate itself causing it to flex downward some.. The center section looks to hang down a little more, but that is due to design, this area allows extra room for you to step, let's say with hunting boots on.
And not only does it mount to the pivot points under the bed, it mounts solid to the bed frame at the back.

I have one on my 900 and really like it.
Note: if you do purchase one, add self adhesive traction strips to the top of the bumper. The type of powder coating they use is a semi smooth texture, and is slippery when it becomes wet.
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