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Here are the tools I find the most usefull for this install[8)] The wrenches are 9/16".

Jack the rear tires 4"-6" off the ground. Unhook top of the rear shocks and pull the tops outward. Install the new lift brackets with the supplied hardware. The end marked "IN" goes to inside of machine. Push the top of shock up to new mount as you are prying down on shock hit it in with a deadblow hammer.

I like to put the small punch in the innermost hole so the shock doesn't fly out of the bracket. when it gets to the hole you want put a punch in the hole and pry from one side while starting the bolt in the other side.

Another pic prying into place.

Tighten 3 nuts up and "unjack" your Ranger and try it out.[:D]

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Sticky here too moderators?
Thanks, Brandon
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