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recommend a utility trailer?

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Does anyone have advice on the ideal utility enclosed trailer for a Ranger XP w/ lock n' ride roof attached ? I don't know the added height, as we haven't installed the new roof yet but it's hard to find a utility trailer to accomodate the 75" needed for ceiling (and door overhead!) without going into a super long trailer.....I'd love a 12' tandem axle....any suggestions?
Thanks, Clay (new guy on the blog)
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You'll probably need to have it custom built by a manufacture if you want it that short
I've been looking at enclosed trailers for the last several weeks just don't have the dough to make a move on one. Personally I wouldn't go with anything shorter than a 14 footer with tandem "torsion" axles and the extra roof hieght which is pretty much an option on any trailer brand. Just about all of the trailers I've looked at offer an additional 6" extra height and I think one even offered 12" additional height. I'd think the extra 6" would provide plenty of clearance. I think you'll be happier with a little longer trailer so you've got more room to put "stuff" JMO

The trailer I've got in my mind is an 8' X 16' with torsion axles, additional height and LED lights. Dan and Lynette have a 20 footer and they've fixed it up to camp in. I'd like to do the same thing someday.

8x18x7tall is about 6000.

I have priced 2 in the last week,

They are in range of 5600 to 6900.

You will need 7 tall.

Check your height.

Let us know what you get.
Clay, welcome to the PRC.
I would buy a little more trailer than I need, if at all possable.
Better to have more and not need it than to need it and not have
it. JMO [:D]
I would also look in my local Trader magazine for prices/deals
I would get at least the 16' they are easy to pull and give you the extra room that you would need for the long weekends.
Thanks to all for your good input on an enclosed trailer. You've got me rethinking my 12' length and I want to find out about the advantage of 'tandem torsion bars' 'cause right now I don't have a clue what that is. I have spoke w/ a Wells Cargo dealer and it would require add'l 18" height to clear the entrance safely....
Also, we're adding the lock n' ride cab encloser. Does anyone know how much that will add to our '06 XP? Appreciate all the advice.
Clayj in L.A (actually Anaheim, but we're moving to Gold Beach, Oregon soon !)
BTW 12'-14'X6'X7' tall JMO BWL CU KIT. [?][:0][:D][:D][:D]
I HATE SHORTCUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![:(!][:(!]
I have a Cheat sheet.
Yea, what Jerry said, I think [?] [:D]
I don't understand the recommendations for more than a 12' trailer when the Ranger is less than 10 ft. Just my opinion, of course, but if you're not going to use it for anything else, why drag the extra footage around?? Appreciate your thoughts.
Room to tie your ranger down.

Store parts.
buy small now, use it for a couple weeks, wish you would have gotten a bigger trailer to start with. the torsion axles ride considerably better than sprung axles, and cost more up front when you purchase. also will be worth more when "if " you ever decide to sell.
Another advantage of a longer trailer is that you have more room to position the weight properly. The height of the trailer is one of the most critical factors in towing as far as drag, the length of a few feet is only a few hundred pounds. If weight is a problem, you could get barn doors and aluminum ramps, saving 300-400 lbs. just some thoughts.
Pace, Carson, Featherlite, Callen, any number of manufacturers have models that are tall enough. Do a search for jeep trailers to find some of the taller units.

Jere your right on.

I ordered a 8.5' x 18' x 12" over standard (7.0') with 5,200 pounds axles with a triple tongue (contractors package) and it is $5,800.00. This is with upgraded light package and a spare tire.

Did you get the torsion axles or leaf spring axles with that?

Brian<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote">Originally posted by freddy

Jere your right on.

I ordered a 8.5' x 18' x 12" over standard (7.0') with 5,200 pounds axles with a triple tongue (contractors package) and it is $5,800.00. This is with upgraded light package and a spare tire.

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well, I signed 'the dotted line' and ordered an enclosed trailer from wells cargo. it's going to be 18" higher thasn standard, to handle the roll cage height. I know that some of you recommended a longer than needed trailer, but I'm at a stage in my life (56) where I don't want to haul aroiund a long trailer. I ordered one that's 12 ft, w/ good suspension, elect brakes, tandem axle and a drop door to drive in w/o ramps. Thanks for the input, and I'll keep you posted !
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