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Recommendations on winch mounting plates?

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Looking at getting a winch plate to mount my winch. Do any of you guys have recommendations on what brand to use?
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I picked up one from EMP for my '15 570 mid-size. It was well made and a perfect fit. There may be other options but I'm real happy with the EMP one.
I got a winch an all for 214$ off ebay free shipped an works great
I used a EMP winch mounting plate & their receiver kit for my 2011 500. No issues on the install. I made a plate to mount the winch on so I can switch it from the front to rear. I used Warn's rear winch mount wiring kit.

If someone was thinking of doing the same I would skip this kit since I had to rework it for the midsize. Take measurements & get an automotive electrical shop to cut the cables to length, crimp ring terminals & quick connects.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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