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Regular Deep Cleaning

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Many of you may remember that I leave my XP on job sites in an enclosed trailer. And most of those sites are in a very corrosive environment.

Because of the distances and lack of facilities, it is nearly impossible to do any on site cleaning.

I now have some long term experience that may be of value for others.

It seems to be sufficient to do a major cleaning in conjunction with the 100 hour maintenance intervals. By major cleaning, I mean removing all panels, guards, and seat. I find it's also easier if it is up on stands.

A high pressure washer is essential, as that is the only practical way to get into many of the channels. I blast it pretty thoroughly, but try not to blow too many wires and cables loose[:D]
In fact, when I'm blasting around the engine and electrical stuff, I have the engine running. That way, if I do knock something loose, I will immediately know it, although that hasn't happened so far.

I let it dry for a day or so, then scrub down with soap and water and rinse. Let it dry again.

I then sand down or wire brush all the spots that show corrosion.

Wash a second time with soap and water and rinse.

Use the appropriate rust prevention paint to touch up all of the sanded spots. Reassemble and enjoy!
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Sounds like a good system..
Good advice.
Joe in Tucson
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