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REI Stereo

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Has anyone installed or have a REI brand stereo system in the ranger? These are the roof mounted ones. Nothern Tool has a unit for $ 179.
Any help will be great . Thanks.Merry Christmas ALL
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i got one. The flat mounted one? its like 24 inches wide? It works great for me. Antenna reception is always an issue though. Not really concerned about that though, i use the wired port on front for my iphone (mp3 player) to jam music. Or i plug in my phone and use pandora. i did some custom wiring inside and put dome lights on it too. i ended up getting mine for just over 100 bucks, found em on sale from rural king.
Is the antenna internal or external Got any pic
External antenna. I'll get some pictures for ya. My phone won upload them. And I'm covered in antifreeze. Lol
Here ya go! Nothing fancy, but works great!
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Looks good thanks
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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