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Researching UTVs

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Hello all,

I have owned a Kodiak 400 4 x 4 for 12 years and love it. Quiet, dependable, durable, it is a great machine. With my kids getting older, it is time to look at adding a side by side to the home. Polaris is near the top of my list along with Kubota. I am hoping you guys can help me out and I do understand there is some natural bias considering what forum I have chosen to ask this question.

I have 200 acres with trails primarily around the perimeter, with hardwood bottomland in the middle. I take extreme care of my roads and they are gravel or hard packed dirt for 10 months out of the year. My property fronts a river that floods for sometimes 2 months out of the year. I hunt and fish the property, but I do not do much trail riding for fun, mostly just to get to and from my destination. Along my river frontage, I do have a sand bar roughly 1/3 mile or so in length. I am looking for a dependable, hard working machine, that may have to occasionally take me through water 10-18 inches, and launch a 15' boat with 40 Yamaha off of the sandbar. I don't have a machine shop unfortunately, so I would be having to pay to do repairs, so I really do need something as close to dependable as my four wheeler has been.

I am leaning toward the 570 Midsize as the maneuverability would be extremely useful to retrieve deer at not without trails through the hardwood bottoms. I am also test driving the full size 570 this week.

Things that I like about the Polaris 570 over the Kubota 500.
More HP
Higher Ground Clearance
Active Community
More leg room
More seating area
Standard with top

Things that seem to be an advantage from the Orange side.

Hydrostatic transmission
No belt. I believe this would allow me to more reliably use the low end torque for launching the boat in the sand.
Better mud protection underneath.
Front and rear 2 inch receiver
Kubota insurance program. I currently have this on all my tractors and love it.
Down Hill handling
Solid rear axle for fewer problems.

I am taking my time as working in education has taught me to be frugal with my resources. If there is anyone out there that looked at both of these machines and could share their thoughts about why they made the choice they did, I would be extremely grateful. If I have made a mistake in any of my above lists, please correct me.

Thanks in advance,

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I just upgraded from a Kubota RTV900 to a Polaris XP900. Absolutely no comparison! The Kubota diesel had the torque, but was severely limited in speed, handling, and ride. I mostly use it for hunting, fishing, and playing, and the Polaris fits the bill perfectly. The bed is not as large, but the hauling and towing capacities are almost equal. The Kubota would be the best for hard work on the farm, but the Polaris is best all-around! Hope this helps.
I looked very hard at the Kubota RTV & the Ranger, and I just felt that the KUBOTA is such old technology. They have not updated it in forever. It rode horribly, and was so slow. I have about 130 acres that we use it to take care of things around here, and it is perfect for the job. When it is not, then I get out the KUBOTA tractor.
Thanks for the thoughts everyone. I read a lot about cv joints and axle problems. If I stay stock but maybe just a size larger tires, will I be able to avoid those for the most part?

I drove a 500 Kubota RTV and now own a Midsize 570. In my opinion, there is no comparison between the two units. As for overall durability, work, etc., there is nothing I could or would fault the Kubota on and currently own a Kubota Compact Tractor, really enjoy the brand. I do not have enough experience with Polaris to say if it will be as durable, etc., as the Kubota brand, but by all indications, the 570 package makes for a great combination. Let's assume the Polaris will be as durable and if that is true, then I'm far more satisfied with my choice, the Polaris as it is more comfortable, responsive, enjoyable to drive, etc., when compared to a base utility model, simply no comparison in my opinion. The Polaris units will remind you just how tame the other brands really are and in my opinion, Polaris is leading this area in units that provide both a recreational and work combination (Rangers clearly cut across both platforms), not something I really view in the Kubota RTV lineup and appear to be slanted strongly towards work.
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Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming. With the 1000 promo discount on the full size, should I purchase the full size 570 instead as it seems to offer a little more bang for the buck?

Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming. With the 1000 promo discount on the full size, should I purchase the full size 570 instead as it seems to offer a little more bang for the buck?

The only reason I own a midsize is because of my trails/constraints within certain areas making it the most logical choice. That said, I'm satisfied with the performance but owned a 800 Ranger in the past full size. The full size is very nice in terms of size and if size is not an issue for you then I would step into it or at least test drive one vs. midsize. If I were considering a full size then I would step into the 900 and get all the power/performance to complement that full size unit. The 570 is a great unit and will likely do well in a full size platform, but I would encourage you to really look at the 900 if considering that size unit.
The full size 570 is a steal of a deal looks to me like. Locally they are selling for less than $9100 vs $11,900 for the 900.
I have been to a couple of different dealers asking to test drive units. A couple of things in particular that I want to look at.

How it handles going down a small hill and how the Turf mode works.

Me: " Do you have any grass we can test the Turf mode on?"

Salesperson : "We can't let you off of the pavement."

Me: "You do know what ATV and UTV stand for right?"

Salesperson : "Yeah, but I can't let you do that."


Is it unreasonable to ask to put these things on grass at least? I am having a hard time spending 9-12K on an all terrain vehicle without getting to go more than three miles an hour in a cement parking lot.

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Depends on where you buy it. They were very happy to let me dive it where ever I wanted.
I ride in turf mode >95% of the time. Decreased turning radius. Smooth turns on hard surfaces. Only use 4wd up and down steep hills and in snow. Amazing where you can go in TM. Love it.:glee::encouragement:
I am on a road trip so I thought that I would try to locate a willing dealer along the way. 8 degrees this morning tells me I may have to wait!

I would def. try another dealer.....they have to be all over! There's no way I would buy one without a good solid test drive......for a freakin hour if I feel the need!

As far as comparing the 2, I dont think your comparing apples to apples. The Kubota is a work machine only.....its Hydro trans and weight are NOT ideal for off road conditions! You get that thing stuck, you better have a tractor or dozer to pull it out! BUT, for whats its built to do (work), its a great machine.

Now the Ranger has plenty of work capability, but has some fun factor to it as well. It wont haul the same loads or pull the same that the Kubota will, but it wasnt built you gotta decide what fits your needs best and that will make the decision very easy!
Your polaris won't outwork the Kubota. Not in ablility, durability, or longevity.

The kubota is built for work only..

Having said that, the kubota as I recall is also heavier, and is a complete dog. If you're going across water, mud, crossings, ect, you're going to need some power, especially if loaded. Polaris is your only choice.

Personally, if you think you can get by with a midsize, they are a little more "bare bones" unit. The front end is tried an true strut suspension. the hood flips open to expose the whole front end for easy access to the radiator for cleaning and such. and, reduced price.

Not sure how long you'll plan on running this machine, but it should give you (the polaris) 2-3 years and up to 800-900 hours (about 6000 miles) of trouble free service before you're going to start putting money back into it. Most folks trade before then anyway.

Only reason we haven't went midsize on our ranch units it mostly due to the fact that a fullsize machine will ride better, and a longer/wider wheelbase, and more room. if you're on trails for the most part, then the midsize might be just right for you.

My dealer let me take my ranger home and put an hour on it using it before I bought it. but he already knew I was going to buy a ranger from him, I just didn't know which model yet.
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With the 1000 back offer the full size seems like a better deal. May just have to cut a wider trail :). Someone mentioned the suspension on the full size as a positive. Do you feel differently?

I think if I was spending the money.....the little difference between the two, id go full size. Then you have the option of a 3rd passenger as well, along with several other benefits.

Dont the mid size have strut front suspension, or did they change that on the newer models??
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Well today was the day!

Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tire
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Off-road vehicle

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Congrats...looks nice:encouragement:
Great looking unit, so what do you think so far?
Very nice!
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