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You don't have on your signature card what year model ranger that you need info for. If it's an 07, it won't be hard to do. You can activate it off the relay that can be wired in for the back-up light. I used a 5 pin 30 amp automotive relay from one of the local parts stores, $2.54 and wired it in. These were posted some threads ago by another member, since I have wired three Rangers this way and all have worked perfectly. The pins on the bottom are numbered and should be connected as follows: Number 85 should be hooked to the PURPLE wire (in case you are looking for the wires) located on the frame, DRIVERS side raise the bed and will be about 15-18 inches back from the cage on the side of the frame rail. There are two wires in the group that stop there, not connected, purple and a red with two wires together. The purple is a reverse ground that goes to the #85 pin. Next make a jumper wire, two wires going to one spade connector(female), plug this to the number 86. The end of one of the jumper wires takes a male connector which connects to the red wire, the other wire on the jumper connects to the positive or red wire to the light. Make the two wires for the jumper at least 6 inches long, makes it easier to work with. Number 87 pin connects to a good chassis ground. Number 30 connects to the ground wire coming from the light. The 87a pin stays blank, no connection. You have to use a light with two wires coming from it, a single wire light will not work. This set up works nice on my 07-700 xp so not sure what you have. Hope this helps and makes sense to you
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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