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roll over and seat questions

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So New Years eve found out what the bottom of my ranger looked like and tested the roll bar... all good btw but kinda related to tipping er over and something I've been wondering about has anyone upgraded from the bench to bucket seats I have the Marshall Motoart 5.5 kit so thinking 4 buckets and hardness any one tried this? Light Geological phenomenon Sky Atmosphere Lens flare
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No buckets, but I put 4 point harnesses in Rngr 800. Switched them over to my RZR when I got it. The 4 points were fine in the Ranger but had to get an aftermarket harness bar, ( Ranger 700/800 LockDown Harness Bar & Belt Kit | DragonFire Racing ). You would probably need 2 for a crew.
Nice job strapping down the coolers bro!:glee::encouragement:
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How do you tip over on a straight stretch of road ? ?
How do you tip over on a straight stretch of road ? ?
Easy!! Raise your center of gravity, take off the sway bar, and punch it! :cower: :glee:

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BTW Darryl, was wearing a 4 point harness and walked away without a scratch!
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This one looks like it's on a curve , plus it looks like the cooler suffered on this one !
combination of things led up to the event
(1)My wife and my buddy's wife were behind us in his RZR 1000xp 4... so pushing the limits of a lifted utility sxs
(2) I think I may have accidentally switched into 2wd when I turned on my l.e.d.'s wearing big gloves was still driving like I was in Awd
(3)hooked a rut on the last corner we got a lil out of control and never recovered
(4) My inability to give a **** and lift of the fuel pedal
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