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Royal Blue Tennessee 5/5-5/6 2007

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We stayed at and had a great time. There were 15 of us staying in 4 cabins. Most of which were children. You can ride directly onto the trails from the campground with no trailering. Even though I grew up around Royal Blue, I had never rode the area. The trails were awesome. They just spent $700,000 on the trails mapping, signing and opening up trails that had been previously closed. For more information about Royal Blue and Don Sundquest Wildlife Management areas go to
This area alone has over 150,000 acres of land and hundreds of miles of trails.

This property also connects to Windrock and With much fuel you can ride from one area to the next, although each place has so much riding you would never need to do this.

I think the kids had more fun than the adults, enjoy the pictures.

My two youngest. I have a 10 year old playing in the waterfall
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Awesome pics... good to see you took the kids with "ya" ...
Great memories!!!
Looks like a great time!
looks like a lot of fun!
Good pictures thanks for sharing.
Great pictures, beautifull area.
kids do make it so much more fun[:D][}:)][}:)][}:)]

Is that Chesty that I see in the 3rd pic'? Looks like you guys had fun. I'm suprised that you guys have never ridden Blue as close as you live! I had fun on the last trip to Winfield with Chesty and your brother. We'll have to get together for another one sometime soon. We've been wearing mine out.....almost every weekend. Give me a yell if ya wanna hook up for a ride. Tackett Creek is another good spot and not very far from you guys.
Nice pics, looks like a good time was had by all!
Great pics Wade! Thanks for sharing them.

Wade, great pictures, thanks,.....
Nice family and ranger fun ;-)
great pics wade
Great pics!Looks like you guys had a good time.
Great pics, thanks for sharing.
Great pictures my butt - That was the worst picture of me he could have posted. Guess he owed me that one but the jerky I was chewing on was great and I will have to dig up a few good pictures of wade. I will say it was a wonderful time for the family and kids and the folks and cabins were great.
Looks like a cool area to ride,thanks for pictures.
Great pics Wade!
Those are terrific pictures, Wade! It looks like the kids had a blast, indeed. That's the way it should be. Thanks for posting.
Yeah Jerry that was me - Wade was just trying to get me back for all the roll over pictures I have. We will have to hook up sometime and hit the trail again.
Sounds good, Chesty. Just let me know when you guys wanna go again. We're getting ready to go to Tackett Creek this morning. I'm hoping it rained more up there more than it did here last night to help keep some of the dust down. We came up to Hole in the Earth last weekend....found the way to come in from the north side of Royal Blue....just pulled over at the first place we came to and started following the most likely route according to what I'd mapped on the GPS from our first trip up there with you guys. Found a couple of CRAZY hill climbs on the way over there. I don't know if you've seen them before, but I was in awe.[:0] They were sooooooo big that I decided not to attempt it with the Ranger....may try them the next time I'm on my quad.[;)]
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