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Rubberdown or the Pro-Lifts

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Witch of these lifts would be a better way to go i was thinking of just the front for now.I look at the post that shows how to do it doesn't look that hard.Did i read these post right that the rubberdown goes on the bottom & the pro-lifts go on the top(for the front) .
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I've had the ProLift for about 130 hours and its been great. If I had to answer the question as to where the components are situated, I'd say they are sort of in the middle of the strut (towards the bottom).
Pro Lift has served many of us well for quite a while now.
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Pro Lift has served many of us well for quite a while now.
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Does that make it better [:0]

I just finished installing the Rubberdown lift on my 2005 XP. If you have basic tools and a jack then you can perform this task. I looked at both products and picked Ruberdown because it was made of machined aluminum. Paul has produced a fine product. From what I've read on this site Pro-lift has served many riders here with a quality product. Choice is yours to make! Jerry
Thanks guys I like the looks of the rubberdown lift looks like Quality compared to the prolift both are real close in price.I going with the rubberdown because of the machined aluminum.
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