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I bought a 2015 RZR 170 last fall and yesterday was the first time we had it out on the trail. I had put on bigger tires, a race pipe, windshield/roof/extra lighting/etc. over the winter and everything seemed to work riding it around the yard. This week we rode in mostly hard packed dirt with some sand, some deep sand, hill climbs, mud, and small rock climbs. The 170 worked pretty well despite being only two wheel drive in everything except the sand. My two boys, 9 and 10 yrs of age, both over 100 lbs. Smiles from ear to ear.

The chain would pop or skip under heavy load. We smoked the belt going up a steep and twisty hill section, and in my opinion the bike lacked low end grunt. Some hills or soft sections, the boys had to get a run at it and use momentum to clear the obstacle.

I can find replacement belts left and right on the internet, but am not finding much for chain tensioner replacement/upgrades, or sprocket changes. I would like to go with a little taller sprocket to make the most of the available torque. Are there upgrades for the clutch?

How hard is it to replace the belt?

Any insight or direction will be much appreciated.
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