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Rzr Carnage Report

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Symptoms: Clutch won't disengage, felt as if belt had been slipping immediately prior. Belt destroyed, possibly flipped belt, center bolt through clutch backed out.

Resolution: Pending it is at the dealer
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Problem... Loose bolt belt
Repair... replace belt,adjust clutch and be sure bolt is properly secured.

I don't think its possible to flip that belt unless you wore it down to about
1/2" wide.

I hope its that easy and nothing broke in the clutch.
Cody, please keep us up todate, thanks ;-)
will do

ps, anyone know if any other belts will fit the rzr, i had a trip planned for tomorrow and really hope that the rzr will be fixed
It's likely(I don't know for sure), but this clutch assembly including the distance between primary and secondary are the same as the current sportsman 800's. If so, I'd bet that Dale @ Bikeman has a better clutch belt. But, I can't say that for sure, because I haven't seen the exact specs. Plus, there is a shim in the clutch that if removed you will break 60mph, as well, from what I've heard from some of the development partners.

Well i got off the phone with the dealer and they have it torn apart and are in contact with the factory. They don't have the parts to fix it in stock, but i am going to subtly pressure them to get the parts overnighted if any way possible. They didn't' give me a firm answer to what was broke yet
Good luck, I hope they get it back together for you by the weekend. Keep us informed on the situation, and let us know about the belt size.(same as the 4 wheeler or not?)
I know there is a new, special tool for the clutch removal that Polaris sent to all their dealers. Now, whether that means anything else is different, I don't know. Since the tranny is bolted to the motor, it probably is a shorter belt than the Ranger. Since a Sportsman belt will work on a Ranger, I wonder if it will work on the RZR? It would be interesting to know for sure.
Good points Bruce. It will be interesting to see.

Parts are on the way, see my other thread for details and breaking news
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