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Hey Guys.

Since the RZR is so new I figured I would let everyone know we race the RZR for the second time this past weekend.

First of all, this was a Grand Prix race course, it had everything from Dirt, Rocks, Water Crossings, asphalt, and we even went through a run down house! It was the best course I have ever raced. It ended up being about 80 miles long.

The start was an 8 wide motocross start. In which the RZR took the holeshot handedly over many built Rhinos. After a couple of winding turns all the sidexsides were neck and neck, I think we were in second until th Rhino in front of us got stuck on a hill causing us to get stuck as well. After backing down and going around the stuck Rhino I think we were in about 6th place. About 2 miles into the Race we come across a HUGE hill, all the racers chose to go around the hill but we decided to take the challenge, it worked out well for us putting us well in first place after we came up over the hill. We stayed in first for the rest of the 8 mile lap with nobody in our mirrors. Son after we passed the start finish line we were passed both Mason Motorsports big built long travel big motor Rhinos. They were running great! We stayed in third for the next couple laps, never really gaining on the Mason Rhino's but they were never pulling on us either. On the 5th or 6th lap we passed one of the Mason Rhinos stuck on a hill with some axle issues. After that we knew we were in second and decided to take it easy and not try to catch up to the other Mason Rhino because we knew there car was set up perfectly and if they stayed running there was no way we could catch them.

We ended up in second place, I think about 6 of the 8 Rhinos finished the Race.

If anyone is considering race a sidexsides I would recommend you do this Race next year it was a BLAST!

As always thanks to our sponsors:
-Polaris Racing
-C.R. designs
-Jet Trim
-Mountain States Contracting
-Tire Balls
-Geiser Bros.


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Nice job Eric! Where's the photos and video?

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