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RZR Front Brake Lines

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I was at a local dealer today checking out the RZR they had on the floor and noticed the front brake lines had been rubbing on the drive axles. If you have taken delivery already you may want to check it out for this problem. It may just be an isolated case but it is worth checking for anyway.

I got a deposit on mine waiting for delivery and can't wait!

Good riding all you lucky folks who already have one!

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If you go back to the dealer or when you get your, can you take a picture of this problem?

Thanks for the tip, Ardie. I'll be checking mine today.
I won't be able to take a picture of the problem, I told the service manager about it and he took care of it immediaely. Evidently the brakelines were in their hold down clamps incorrectly and there was to much hose on one side causing it to rube on the axle.

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