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RZR in stock in Michigan

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I haven't read all the threads, but I wanted to let you know that K&W cycle in Utica, Michigan has RZRs in stock. They have one sitting out front. I checked it out. Very nice. I didn't talk to anyone so I don't know how many they have.

When my Rhino sells I will buy one.

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I've heard K&W is one of those nice customer-oriented dealers that's asking about $2000 over MSRP. Even so, I'm surprised they have one on display...unless it's a customer's ride and is waiting for parts.
Yes, K&W never has the lowest price. They are a low volume dealer, so I'm very surprised they got a RZR so soon.
I grew up in Romeo Mi
I moved to Vail.CO
OIC...not enough snow for ya in Michigan! ;-0
Dealer told me that mine shipped out on the 18th from MN. A truck pulled up today and he just knew it was on there but it wasn't. It'll be here soon enough. Actually I'm swamped right now so the only time I'd get to ride it is on Sunday but I'll take what I can get because I haven't ridden in MONTHS!
Its gone a buddy went there today
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