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RZR in Wisconsin

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Has anyone heard if WI is going to allow the RZR on Atv trails? I was told in some areas people even see Rhinos in northern WI on the trails. Will the DNR be stopping the RZR's? Anyone ride in WI that can give some insite?
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One of our moderators, Randy (Ran), lives in Wisconsin and will probably chime in tonight on this. He is currently on a motorcycle trip but usually checks in at the hotel. He may be able to answer your question.
It's my understanding that the cheese trail /Tri-county trail system running from Monroe to Mineral Point (SW Wisconsin) allows just about anything. However the majority of the WI trail system still has a 48" wide and 900 lb weight restriction for ATVs/UTVs. Everyone is hoping that will change, of course.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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