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RZR Photos from the Terrible's Town 250 Dez Race

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From this weekend.

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I REALLY like the rear bumper on the one in the second and last pic. I like the roll cage also!

Nice Pics!
Now that's a race Rzr.[;)]

Good job, guys.
Very nice pics. thanks
Those are too cool!
Very good pics! I really like the half doors shown in the 1st picture. I know how this thing runs and drives bone stock so I can imagine what it'll do after being tweaked like that.

So nice, love it, thanks ;-)
Wow, I love the first pic. Great job Jagged X! Looks really sharp.


I'd be curious as to what this is. I'm guessing it's an intake modification. If so do you have any pics of the other end?

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For fast refueling maybe?
That the fill tube going down to the fuel cell, it has a splash guard around it to prevent
fuel from hitting the driver
Ahhh! If you look at the first pic and blow it up it looks like it goes to the intake. NICE! Now I'm curious as to what that white thing is on the passenger side on the dash in the first photo. Looks like a lid to some sort of compartment that screws on.

Anyone know where the gas cap is on this thing?
HaHa! You and I posted at almost the same time Don. So it is a fill tube for the fuel cell then!
That is the Lowrance GPS system, with the protective cover over it.
Blake, Welcome to PRC ;-)

Did you guys fab your own skid plate or was the stock sufficient?
Here's a great pic from Don and Troy @ Cartwheelin' Magazine:

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there are more pics of the race car on our website
We made all new skid plates from 3/16 t-6 aluminum and they were even destroyed by the end of the race. Stock skid are not enough for this type of rocky stuff.

Some of the additions to the RZR to make it race ready include:
1)100+ feet of chromoly tubing. The cage can not be a bolt on type. it must be welded to the chassis and there is criteria for bracing and gusseting that must be followed.

2)10 gal bladder type fuel cell certified by BITD. The large tube you see is the fuel fill tube. We used three inch tubing to pick up an extra 1/2 gal of fuel if filled to the top.

3) Parker Pumper fresh helmet air system.

4) 2 Fire extiguishers as mandated by BITD one inside the car and one outside.

5) Lowrance GPS system. Proved to be a very valuble tool in tracking our pace. Shows race course, top speed, average speed, current speed, battery voltage, miles to pit stops and many other features.

6) custom skid made from t-6 aluminum covering the entire botom of the car.

7) custom suspension seats from Jet trim W/ 3" 5 point harnesses from DJ safety.

8) race radio from PCI comunications with in car intercom with voice activated driver to co driver.

9) Power actuated light bar with 4 8" Vision X integrated ballast HIDs and Vision X factory replacement hids.

10) Factory repalcement shocks from I shock with piggyback res and full adjustability.

12) Modular 2 piece OMF beadlock wheels with Maxxis 26" bighorns and Tire balls.

13) Federal signal rear safety lights in custom rear wing.

14)Custom window nets from DJ safety

15)Billet mirrors from Machine Trix
The car also carried a tool kit, tow strap, first aid kit,A few spare parts, some survival gear, safety triangle, safty flag and a rabbits foot. All mandated by BITD.

The car took three weeks to build and had zero test time.
All of the equipment used on this car is available at Jagged X

We would be happy to build or help any one build another Racer.

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