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We need to all keep an eye on the RZR section. This will be our new hot spot for a while. A few of you have said we need more staff/moderators. In order for moderators to be active we have to add them to a section and it shows on the index page and it doesn't look good if we have too many names on them and each line adds to the depth of the heading. Many sites only have a couple of moderators and an administrator, we also have the board members that most don't have. Our board section is for discussing issues like this one. We also use our board members to help moderate the forum. All it takes for a board officer to spot something and post it in the board section and one of us jump right on it. Do we add more board members? We are limited with space for adding moderators, but not so much with the board section. Should we all just watch the RZR section more closely? I can see a pain in the butt in the RZR section for a while.
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