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Well Team, I exchanged e-mails with Donna at Polaris again today and I have in my grubby hands the details of our trip![:)] I am going to put them in a separate post to keep it from being cluttered up. Now, everything is in place and all we are waiting on is the day.

First, let me say that this is going to be more of a business trip than a riding trip. I was disappointed and I admit, sulking a little bit but then I talked with Gary and on the long drive home, I was reminded of a saying that made me feel better. Years ago, one of my good pastor friends and I were having a discussion about some disappointments I was having at the time. He gave me this advice and I have never forgot it. He told me that throughout life, you would be faced with ups and downs. But the value and enjoyment you got from the experience would be all in how you saw it. He said the majority of folks would look at the situation and say, "My glass is half empty". He told me to never do that, instead, say "My glass is half full". Both mean the same but the "half empty" gives someone the impression that you have lost something and are disappointed. The "half full" thought, sounds like you are being blessed beyond measure and you are going toward overflowing. I have always remembered this and although I don't always apply it as I should, I try. So, when you look at the details, remember this. Also, although we are being thrown scraps instead of a big bone, we are the ONLY forum that has an invite to drive this machine. Yes, the magazines went first and got the most but remember a little while back that we wouldn't have even gotten a sniff of a trip. So, I hope to see ALL of you in Minnesota in a couple weeks. Lets use this as a first step/building block if you will, to bigger and better things in the future.
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