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RZR XP 1000 Rear Receiver Hitch - This one designed to fit with Polaris Rear Bumpers

Here's some photos of the new rear receiver hitch Thunderhawk has designed to fit the RZR XP 1000 when equipped with the Polaris rear bumper. The Polaris bumper has a sheet metal cross-brace that forces the hitch tube to be mounted lower, but the hitch tube then blocks access to the transmission & differential fluid fill/level plug. We’ve designed this multi-piece hitch so that the hitch plate can be removed while the radius rods remain untouched. This makes hitch removal for routine service much easier.

We’ll have some more photos in early January. The lighting for these photos was not good, causing the colors to look “off”. The colors available are black, red and orange, to match the Polaris colors.

Here’s a link to this hitch on our website:

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