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rzrs this week?

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my dealer here in so. cal. callaway motor sports , says the rzrs in whearhouse have been released to dealers today and should be delivered this week no later than the first of next week, and are aware that many are planning for memorial day holiday and are expiditing shipments. if you have ever ran a small business you know stuff happens, if you have ever run or help run a big busniss you know that stuff is not always as easy as it might seem. i believe polaris found a problem and acted on it as best they could. my dealer never promised a delivery date, just a window of some time in may or early june , like most of you that have ordered a rzr i have eagerly anticipated delivery, but in no way have i been unhappy with either my dealer or polaris.
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called my dealer today and he said he called the freight company and they said it would be here wendsday & be ready for pickup thursday.hopefuly he knows what he is talking about.oh yeah it is coming to bush motorsports in cookeville tn.
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