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SATV intimidator tires in 28" Anyone running these

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Hey guys looking to get another set of tires and was just curious if anybody is running the SATV intimidator tire in 28" and how they are on all surfaces and if you have any pic0. Thanks guys
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I'm guessing if anything like the terms they Prolly wear pretty quick on hardpack
I have a thread on here inquiring about the SATV Intimidator and the MotoBoss tires. I think with them being semi-new, there are few people running them (they're heavy too). I have a buddy who put a set on his crew and he says he loves them vs the terms. He says its a bit harder compound with thicker lugs and that they ride similar to the Moto MTC's. Hope this helps
What's the weight of them compared to other 28" all terrain tires and what's your thread link
I didn't get too far with my thread because not many have knowledge of these tires yet. But the 28-10-14 weighs 45lbs per SATV website (where most other "aggressive all terrains" weigh in the 30s) and going up to a 36-10.5-18 which weighs in at 74lbs.
btw thread is titled EFX Motoboss...its one I started when I was trying to get input on the Super Swampers, Motoboss, Intimidator, etc
Rattlesnake jake... I'm surprised your not running something a little bit bigger ... Is there a reason your sticking with a 28" tire?
Thanks quackattack. The 28s will be for the t4 I'm keeping the 29.5 terms on the ranger, I lost a lot of power with the weight of the terms but they chew through everything.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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