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service manual for 2015 polaris ranger

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is there a service manual for the 2015 polaris ranger around that i can buy, besides the one that came with the machine. for us not so mechinally incline people can use. not saying i can check oil and all that, but besides that. thanks in advance
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The Service manual probably wont be available until spring. You have an Owners Manual. Watch for a SM on EBay or Amazon next summer.
got my 2015 Service manual in dec 2014 from dealer
have you seen one for the full size not a crew?
The 2015 service manuals are now available on the Polaris web site, although they are ridiculously expensive at $100. Try RANGER Side by Side Utility Vehicles: UTVs by Polaris : Home Page.
Just got a copy of the 2016 manual from Chris64, can confirm it is legit if anyone is on the fence.
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Can u give me a link to chris 64 for a manual
The owners manual and the Service manual are two different manuals, Owners is only basic info and service is major repair.
Yep im looking for a service manual
Just send him a PM. He will email ya. 10 bucks is what I picked it up for
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