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Shift cable install help

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I was able to easily get the cable up the shift lever behind the dash, but the part that slides in and screws down to keep the cable in place is notched. I am having a hell of a time getting the notch on the cable shaft(threaded area) to line up with the opening. I've tried twisting the cable, which is no easy tasks and it always flips 180, not 90 like i need. About to say **** it and take it in, but I've made it this far, and I know I'll buy more stuff if I take it in :).
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Ya, that part of the install sucks.........(edited)
Although I thought it was funny, that was just a little too much for a family friendly forum. I edited out the last 3 words.
I broke down and went to 3P Offroad off of 249 and Spring Cypress. Got the wet sounds stealth 6 sound bar and love it. Glad I went because the install took a pro about 30 minutes. Would have taken me 2 hours or more. Thanks Travis and Josh. Any of you Houston guys looking for a great spot, you really should check them out. Great bunch of guys. Won't be going to the dealer again, thats for sure.
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