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should i get adr or rhino axle

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getting ready to order axles should I save money and get adrs or pay extra for rhinos. my 900 crew has 30" roctanes and forward a arms and 3" lift please chime I if you have either one of these axles.
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Depends on how much you think 10 months extra warranty is worth. I am pretty sure they are the same axles, the part numbers on the rears are even the same and they ADRs come in Rhino boxes. I just ordered rear ADRs for my 800 this weekend and got them for $102 each shipped after applying 2 coupon codes. Got my shipping notice this morning.
Already had them in my hands before, noticeably heavier than stock.
My ADRs came in today. Paid $102 each shipped for them. Wife send me a picture...
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They are on the rears, even on SATV website. The rears are both out of stock too so what does that tell you. I would bet the fronts are the same regardless of part numbers too. Either way if you order you can get 2 discount codes and save a good bit of money. Use "RZRFORUM" and "RETURNING CUSTOMER" I did that and got my ARDs (pictured above) for $102 each shipped.
Here are some pictures of my Slasher rear axle, a stock class replacement vs my new ADR.....AKA, Rhino with less warranty.
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