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SIRIUS PRO LED Light Bars -- Price Update

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Hey PRC Gang,

You may have followed our recent promotion on saving $150 on our 30" SIRIUS PROFESSIONAL light bars. The sales were such a success that we made the strategic decision for a semi-permanent price drop. We cut out a large retailer that demanded better margins, so we could lower the price for you!

We have numerous testimonials that our SIRIUS PRO lights are as good or better than RIGID and LASER X (both great lights), but our cost is 50% less.

These are not as inexpensive as generic entry level lights or other low cost providers, but the performance of the SIRIUS PRO is out of this world compared to those. Our engineer did the development and he has his name on a patent in the electrical automotive industry.


1. All our SIRIUS PRO lights come with premium waterproof wiring harness. That is a minimum $50 - $60 value.

2. We have a full range of accessories like covers, anti-theft bolts, clamps, etc.

3. You can order them off Amazon, our website (, or our Ebay store (items in store on eBay!)

4. Some of our dealers carry them too.

See the most recent testimonial from Andy at RacerTech related to them. This was independent, and we loved what he said!

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We are nearly back in stock on our 2" SPOT and FLOOD, we have 3" models coming shortly as well as some curved bars. Lots on the way for the SIRIUS PRO line......we are aiming to be the first light bar that is top quality at a cost that doesn't break the bank.

Thanks for all the support everyone.
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Thanks to those of you that purchased some of the SIRIUS PRO. We've seen a very nice spike in sales since we lowered the price.

Guys really are loving them. We hope it's because you finally don't have to sacrifice the upper end quality to hit a good price point. Have a good rest of the weekend.
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