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Skid plate

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Has anyone tried this skid plate on ebay?
Polaris Ranger 900 XP FULL Underbody HDPE skid plates 2013-2015

Seems like a good price, I e-mailed Tusk because they are reasonably priced also but they don't make one for the ranger only rzr. I was also considering the aluminum floor board ones and then getting the aluminum rock sliders to protect the sides, I could get both of those for around 300 bucks. I don't ride in enough places to merit spending 800 dollars on a skid plate. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
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Did you get the ones that cover the floorboards and the sides?
yes and there a must for a ranger, trail riding is a lot better. no more sticks hung in the bottom and the plate slides you over stumps and rocks. there thick also, not cheap thin ones.
The only thing I'm worried about is that I would like to have a rock slider to protect the side plastic from being broke. Do the side protectors stick down enough to protect the plastic. It does look like a nice setup with a good price.
Thanks again for the help!
no they do not stick down, but they keeps the sticks out. i have seen a stick ran through a battery.
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I made mine from 3/8 UHMW. Not shown in the picture, but I replaced the little angle irons under the door with 1 1/2" square tubing, and ran the UHMW out 1/2" past the side of the machine. The UHMW cost $240, and it took about 3 hrs to build, not counting the square tubing mods
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